Hot About Us

BLUESEA specialises in all kinds of NEOPRENE products, which cover diving, surfing, spear fishing, swimming, sailing, kayaking, jet skiing and much more for water-sports. They also include equipment for other outdoor activities, including rescuing, hunting, fishing, cycling, horse-riding, sport supports, bottle holders, NEOPRENE bags, and cold-climate outdoor-labour. Our total workshop area is over 7000 square metres, which we manage through the 6S-system. Our professional in-house R&D team can make a variety of NEOPRENE products quickly for our clients. Furthermore, our Marketing Department consists of 20 sales-professionals, who communicate and give updates on samples and products with our clients in a timely manner. We have a separate department for quality control, which has set up an excellent QA system that supervises before, throughout and after the production in order to guarantee our quality. The staff in this department is actively trained, thus insuring that they are aware of the importance of quality; and that they understand “only if the quality is guaranteed can we maintain the pleasant long cooperation with our clients”.